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Servo Tank

<| RoXI [current, started 04.2009]

This project involves development of RoXI (the Robot Extended Interface), which is a GUI for controlling the Project Roland robots. It is written in Visual C# running on the Windows .NET framework.

Click here for info on RoXI Robot Control GUI.

[RoXI Robot GUI]

<| Project Roland [current, started 10.2006]

This is a long-term ongoing project with the purpose of building a set of robots large enough to run around the house continuously, controlled via RF-link from a central location, and performing mapping, sensing, monitoring, and other interesting functions.

Includes robots Roland, Oliver, Turpin, Deric, and R.A.D.

Click here for info on Project Roland.

[Project Roland]

<| Computer Simulations [started 10.2008]

As part of learning to program in Visual Basic and Visual C# using the Windows .NET framework, we're building some computer simulations.

Click here for info on computer simulations.

[the Sims]

<| Poco - Quadruped Walking Robot [started 01.2008]

Poco is a simple quadruped walking robot.

Click here for info on Poco quadruped.

[quadruped Poco]

<| Reading - a list of interesting and relevant books. Click here for reading list.

<| Research Links - a list of links to general research sites. Click here for link list.

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