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PROJECT ROLAND (main page)

[04.09 - current activity involves work on Oliver and RoXI]

Project Roland is a long-term on-going project with the purpose of building a set of robots large enough to run around the house continuously, controlled via RF-link from a central computer location, and performing mapping, sensing, monitoring, and other interesting functions.

All robots are intended to have 2-way RF-links using Zigbee, for control and monitoring from a home-station computer, as well as having autonomous modes for individual operation. At least one robot carries a wireless RF video cam.

Control GUI

Project Roland uses the RoXI - Robot External Interface Windows-based GUI for central control and monitoring.

Project Roland Robots
Roland - (future) - Roland .
Oliver (the Omnibot) (in development) - this robot is currently the object of major construction effort.

Oliver's purpose is largely home monitoring and room-mapping. It is based upon a 1980s Omnibot 5402 toy robot platform.

[Oliver page]
Sensor Pod (mostly completed) - description of the sensor pod used on Robot Oliver, includes pan'n'tilt servos, 5 sonars, RF camera, IR ranger, light sensors. [Sensor Pod page]
Turpin (in planning stage) - this robot is based upon a Roomba Discovery series base. [Roomba Hack page]
Deric (in conceptual stage) - this robot is based upon a Vexplorer base with a nice strong movable arm made out of steel, plus a large gripper. [Deric page]
R.A.D. - this is the original Project Roland robot, built in late 2006. The current plan is to redesign it with removal of the rounded turret, for use as a general carrier platform with a flat top surface. [R.A.D. Hack page]


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    [Roland + Durendal]

    Background information on the origins of Project Roland:

  • first introduction to Roland and Oliver were the statues (right) at the west portal
    to the Cathedral in Verona, circa 1993.
  • Chanson de Roland [script], Orlando Furioso, Rolandslied
  • Rolandic art, swords+horses
  • Roland, Oliver, Turpin [2], Deric [2] [3]
  • general, Paladins, The 12 Paladins, Wire Paladin

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