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Ebbetts Pass, CA 09.12

A few pictures from near Ebbetts Pass on Hwy 4 west of Markleeville, CA. Only about 20-miles south of South Lake Tahoe (with its horrid, citified traffic and 6,000 traffic lights) as the crows fly, but total wilderness, and on a narrow windy road only a motorcycle could love.

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Near Lake Alpine, 13 miles west of Ebbetts Pass.

(left) Looking south to the famous Dardanelles Cone (9524'), with high Yosemite Peaks in the far background. 1000' dropoff 10' to the front.

(right) Local geology, not 1000s of small rocks sitting on the ground, but 1000s of small rocks bound in a concrete-like conglomerate.

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(left) Looking east to Ebbetts Pass, apparently the jagged Reynolds and Raymond Peaks on the far horizon.

(right) Seen from a lookout point a few miles east of Lake Alpine, a group of neophytes sitting in the trees, avidly listening to some kind of lecture, miles from any parked cars or trailheads. Jonestown revisited?

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(left) Reynolds Peak (9679'), left, and Raymond Peak (10,014'), right, from first divide near the trailhead. Kinney Lakes out of sight in the basin below.

(right) south ridge of Reynolds Peak from the southwest approach.

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(left) Reynolds Peak south ridge from the easterly direction.

(right) Local geology.

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(left) More local geology.

(right) Blow-up of same rock, evermore individual rocks bound in concrete-like conglomerate.

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(left) Looking south from below Reynolds Peak, back towards the trailhead (actually off screen to the right). Lower Kinney Lake below. [blow-up]

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