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Notable Used Book Stores

To help jog the memory on return trips, a list of interesting stores selling used books.


  • Bookman's exchange


  • Dharma Books, Reno downtown - (paperback literature).
  • The Book Gallery, Sparks, North Rock Blvd - (good selection of paperbacks + hardbacks).
  • Zephyr Books, Reno, So. Virginia St - (big selection, mostly hardback, somewhat disorganized).
  • Grass Roots Books, Reno, E. Grove St - (paperbacks, cheap).
  • ... [for a city 1/8 the size of Vegas, Reno's used bookstores are rather more interesting].
  • Dead Poet Books, Las Vegas west suburb - (funky inviting interior, spread out and well decorated).
  • Book Magician, Las Vegas, west Charleston - (notable for purchase of $160 worth of .NET programming books for $3).
  • Plaza Books, Las Vegas, south on Eastern - (best science section of the lot).
  • Greyhound Books, Las Vegas, west on Sahara - (mostly specialized hard covers, no-quarter-given proprietor).
  • ... [for a large city, Vegas' used bookstores are slightly unexciting, and the public libraries even less so].


  • Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City downtown - ("creating chaos out of anarchy for a better tomorrow", LOL).
  • Sam Wellers Books and Coffee, Salt Lake City downtown - (3 levels full of nooks+crannies).
  • Pioneer Book, Provo old downtown mall.


  • Walrus & Carpenter, Pocatello downtown - (proprietor somewhat like a poet on a street corner at end of the earth).


  • Richard van Nice Books [2], Helena downtown - (run by an interesting ex-academic and vietnam vet).
  • A Few Books More, Billings downtown - (well worth a visit).


  • Black & Read, 7821 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada - (A#1 favorite used bookstore)
  • Trident Booksellers & Cafe, Boulder downtown - (best coffeehouse this side of Vienna).
  • Red Letter Secondhand Books, Boulder downtown.
  • Bookworm, Boulder, 28th Street.


  • Sandy's Electronic Parts, 961 Matley Ln, Reno - (tons of little goodies)

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