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Workable Coffee Houses

To help jog fading memory for return trips, a list of atmospheric coffee houses, with free wifi.


  • Bibo Coffee House, nice local-neighborhood coffee shop, s.w. of downtown Reno on Mt Rose St. - (unfortunately, no wifi, although the downtown Liberty St. Bibo outlet does have it, in addition to a horrid location in a bank lobby, blasted by the afternoon sun, double-ugh).
  • Jackson Food Stores, around Reno - quick-stop gas stations, not coffee houses, but they sell a nice cup of Mocha-Cappucino for just $1.39, brewed in 15-sec in one of those european-style automatic brewing machines.
  • Dreamer's Coffeehouse & Deli, next to the river on Virginia St, Reno.
  • Coffee Bean & Tea House, Las Vegas several locations, all pleasant.
  • Rejavanate, Las Vegas east side.


  • Sam Wellers Books and Coffee, Salt Lake City downtown.


  • Fire Tower Coffee House, Helena downtown
  • Morning Light Coffee Roasters, Helena downtown.


  • Trident Booksellers & Cafe, Boulder downtown - best coffeehouse this side of Paris and Vienna.


  • every public library in every city+town visited in the western US so far had free 54-Mbps wifi, except for Vegas, which still had slow 11-Mbps wifi up until May 2009 (speed upgraded now, but keeps throwing you off every 10-15 min).
  • unfortunately, as of July 2009, Reno public libraries still have 11-Mbps wifi.
  • high-speed wifi: Boulder, Ft.Collins, Casper, Billings, Livingston, Bozeman, Helena, Vegas (when the routers aren't crashing).
  • slow wifi: Reno.

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